Exceptional results for Alicante Wines DOP in “Penin Guide 2016”

Exceptional results for Alicante Wines DOP in “Penin Guide 2016”

Like all the Octobers, the new edition of the ”Penin Guide” brings together the largest number of Spanish wines that may be listed on the market. This time, as usual, the Alicante DOP stands out as the most popular area of Valencia, one of the most compact on wine and wineries and best relationated price-quality of Spain


28 wineries and 152 Alicante wines are in this Guide. In almost every Winemarkers stands some wine above 90 points, a common occurrence all guides or scores that are performed on the area.

In the podium this year include “El Sequé 2013” with 95 points, quite an accomplishment for Pinoso´s reference. Next to it stand a groups reaching 94 points like to “Triga 2012” and Bernabe Navarro with “Curro 2010”. 93 points in “Fondillón 1948” and “Gran Imperial Solera” Primitivo Quiles, “Ramblis Monastrell 2013”, “Carabibas 21 months, 2011”, “2011 Santa Rosa” and “Straits 2011”, Mendoza.


From there, the collection of 92 points with “Puerto Salinas 2011 and 2010”, “Mira Salinas 2010” and “1237,  2010” from Puerto Salinas, “Sol Alicante” of Bocopa, “Casa Balaguer 2012”, “Padilla J Cuvee 2012 “and” Morrón 13 ” from Bernabe Navarro,” El Telar 2011 “of Vinessens,” “Monastrell Tarima 12 “,” Mendoza Cabernet Shiraz “and an important new as” Delit 2012” of Finca Collado Cellar, a new Alicante Monastrell.


7 other references have obtained 91 points and are “Cristal.li 2013”, “Mendoza Merlot Monastrell 13”, “Mendoza Shiraz 12”, “Carabibas VS 2013”, “Muirviedro Cueva del Perdon 2011”, “Ramblis del Arco 2013” and “Beryna 2012”.


The other notorious group  and most numerous is for 90 points wines. There we can find a great group of wineries, diferents wines: “Pimitivo Quiles Muscat Extra”, “Peña Cadiella Selection 2011”, “Vergel 2010”, “2011 Alfynal” “Riu Rau 2013 “, red” 1962 2012 “Bodegas Xaló,” Tarima 2014 “,”Mira Salinas 2011″,” 2013 Dolç Selection” Bodegas Parcent, “DNA Murviedro 2012″,”Boca Negra 2008, 90″, “Mendoza Chardonnay 14”, “Cims Mediterrani 14” Bodegas Antonio Llobell or “Carro” and “Alcanta 2014”, “Sein 12” and two Fondillones “Alone Fondillon Bocopa 1987” and “1980 Fondillón Algueña”.