Prizewinning Alicante Wines at the National Wine Expo… in 1877!

Prizewinning Alicante Wines at the National Wine Expo… in 1877!

As we have already announced, the Sala Noble in the MARQ Library is hosting the Wine in Alicante exhibition from July up until 11 January. The display takes visitors on a 2,600-year journey through Alicante’s history, focusing on the importance of wine for this province… and vice versa.

The exhibition includes more than a hundred items from various periods of wine growing and production in Alicante: large earthenware jars, amphorae, bottles, casks, bottle corking equipment, wine glasses and grape pips. Some of these artefacts date back more than twenty centuries – that’s two thousand years old.

Much more recent, although also very valuable, are the documents you can see below. This is the list of prizewinning Alicante Wines at the National Wine Expo of 1877. The originals also show the original owners of the wineries and their locations. These historic documents are undoubtedly proof of the many prizes and awards obtained by Alicante wines in the late 19th century.

Also open until 11 January is the exhibition entitled “Deltebre I. The story of a shipwreck”. Deltebre reconstructs a historical event that was fundamental for the Vinos de Alicante PDO: the discovery of a bottle of Fondillón in a ship that sank two hundred years ago in the Ebro Delta.

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