99 historic points for “Luis XIV”

99 historic points for “Luis XIV”

The Alicante specialty, Fondillón has once again reached historical heights in the scores that the Peñín Guide has just published regarding the PDO Alicante. But without a doubt, the king of this edition has been the tribute to another king: “Fondillón Luis XIV, 50 years” from the winery Colección de Toneles Centenarios located in the small town of La Cañada.

This wine has achieved the maximum number of points that only some references receive in its history and that for the guide has had an assessment of “impressive” and “spectacular“. For the winery, it is undoubtedly an “immense pride and happiness to see the work of our ancestors awarded”.

Next to this “king”, a whole court of 96 points have been awarded to “Brotons 78“, the “Luis XIV” in its 25 year version and the vintage “1955 Fondillón de Algueña“; 95 points for “Brotons 64” or “Quiles Gran Imperial 1892“; 94 points for “Brotons 70” and “Quo Vadis 72” by Francisco Gómez; and with 93 points, the solera “1948 Primitivo Quiles“, 92 points for “Francisco Gómez 1988” and 91 points is awarded to the “Tesoro de Villena 1972” by Bodega Virtudes.

The guide has also begun to publish its first phase of reviews of red and white wines, among which wineries such as Joan de la Casa, El Sequé, Bodegas Riko, Vins del Comtat, Finca Collado, Bocopa, Pinoso, Sierra Salinas, Murviedro or Heretat de Cesilia stand out, in what is, without a doubt, a display and confirmation of the quality and personality that is being produced in the entire region of this unique area in Spain. The numerous references with high scores are the following:

93 points
Nimi Naturalmente Dolç 2017, Joan de la Casa
Fuego Lento 2017, Bodegas Bocopa
Primitivo Quiles Fondillón 1948, Primitivo Quiles
Oscar Mestre Giró 2019, Bodegas Riko
El Sequé 2020, Bodegas El Sequé
El Sequé Dulce 2017, Bodegas El Sequé
1921 Monastrell 2019, Vins del Comtat

92 points
Francisco Gómez Fondillón 1988, Bodegas Francisco Gómez
Montcabrer 2017 Crianza, Vins del Comtat
Camarillas 2019 Crianza, Bodegas Pinoso
Delit 2019, Finca Collado
Messeguera 2019, Finca Collado
Oscar Mestre Insurrecte 2020 Crianza, Bodegas Riko
Cristalí Dulce, Vins del Comtat

91 points
Tesoro de Villena Fondillón 1972, Bodega Las Virtudes
Nimi Tossal 2017 Reserva, Joan de la Casa
Renaix de Giró 2020, Bodegas Riko
Puerto Salinas 2013, Bodegas Sierra Salinas
Mira Salinas 2013, Bodegas Sierra Salinas
Riu Rau Dulce 2019, Bodegas Xaló
Nimi Gerra 2019, Joan de la Casa
#Dissident 2019, Joan de la Casa
GG 2020, Joan de la Casa
Va de Bo 2019, Finca Collado
Flor Malvés 2020, Finca Collado
Dolç D´Art Selección de Licor 2017, Bodegas Parcent

90 points
Boca Negra Dulce 2016, Bodegas Francisco Gómez
Sericis Cepas Viejas Monastrell 2018 Reserva, Bodegas Murviedro
Galeam Monastrell 2021, Bodegas Murviedro
Fuego Lento Monasatrell Extremo 2019, Bodegas Bocopa
1962 Origen 2018, Bodegas Xaló
Pasión de Monastrell 2020, Bodegas Sierra Norte
031 Natural Barrica Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, Shukhrat Khakimov & Viticultores
Fet a Mà 2019, Finca Collado
Renaix la Passió 2021, Bodegas Riko
Luis XIV Ánforas 2021, Colección de Toneles Centenarios
Ámfora de Les Freses 2021, Les Freses
Cesilia Rosé La Réserve 2021, Casa Sicilia
Mo Salinas 2019, Bodegas Sierra Salinas

89 points
Terra Fiter 2015 Gran Reserva, Joan de la Casa
Carabibas 640 Noches 21 meses 2015, Bodegas Sierra de Cabreras
Laudum XII Plus 2017, Bodegas Bocopa
Vinalopó Petit Verdot 2019 Roble, Bodega Las Virtudes
Eje Monastrell 2020, Bodegas Volver
Galeam 2018 Crianza, Bodegas Murviedro
Murviedro Cepas Viejas Monastrell 2018, Bodegas Murviedro
El Caire Monastrell 2019, Bodegas Monóvar
Borrasca 2018, Bodegas Monóvar
Carabibas la Viña del Carpintero 2019 Crianza, Bodegas Sierra de Cabreras
Vall de Xaló Giró Vino de Licor Dulce, Bodegas Xaló
Vivanza Elite 2017 Crianza, Bodegas Vivanza
Les Freses 2021, Les Freses
La Pitxotxa Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Crianza, Bodegas Ortigosa
Dolç de Les Freses 2021 Dulce, Les Freses
El Miracle Art 2020, Vicente Gandía
El Salze 2019, Vins del Comtat