Heads of State, government leaders, high-ranking representatives of the United Nations and civil society entities met in September 2015 in New York, during the 70th UN General Assembly, adopting the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG). The Goals constitute an ambitious and universal agenda for sustainable development, “of the people, by the people and for the people”, developed with the active participation of UNESCO.

In recent years, numerous entities, companies, groups, etc. They have used this basis to set new development objectives within the framework of this action. And there is training in schools, institutes and companies to increasingly establish these values.

The Alicante DOP, well aware of the fragile situation of its vineyard, but also of the opportunities that it represents to defend it and the ease of integrating other values, proposes to its associates and shares with its clients a development of the same to strengthen its total sustainability. The broadness of work in this sector also implies that up to 13 of these objectives have been met.