“Fondillón 96” by MG Wines, one of the best Spanish wines in England.

“Fondillón 96” by MG Wines, one of the best Spanish wines in England.

The “Wines from Spain Awards” competition has just been held in London with a group of more than 100 Spanish wines that have been evaluated by a tasting panel of 14 experts led by the “Master of Wine” Tim Atkin.

From their selection, Fondillón 1996 has been awarded the prize for Best Sweet Unfortified Wine (category in which they have included this type of wine, though they are not sweet) from among the winning categories.

One more prize that adds to the collection of these wines from the Monovar winery. CEO, Juan Manrique stated that “Fondillón is a unique and exclusive wine that is part of Spain’s oenological heritage and as producers, we feel obliged to give this wine maximum visibility, with the aim of making it known throughout the world.”

Among the conclusions of the contest, the director of the panel cites the Valencian Community as one of the regions that must be taken into account in Spain: “Spain is the most exciting country, certainly in Europe, and possibly in the world, right now. A lot is happening, not just in the traditional places. If you look below the surface, you will find lots of wonderful, gleaming jewels.” One of them is this Alicante wine, unique in the world.

Precisely this week, the MG Wines winery is presenting the largest collection of Fondillones and currently, the most recognized for awards and scores such as the above mentioned Wines from Spain Awards at the German wine fair, ProWein.

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