Jancis Robinson considers Fondillones one of the best wines in the world.

Jancis Robinson considers Fondillones one of the best wines in the world.

For the first time, gives the highest score to “Fondillón Brotons, 1964”

The prestigious british wine guide Jancis Robinson, has just published an article about the Alicante Fondillones that her taster, Ferran Centellés, knowed directly on his last visit to Alicante. The article, under the title “Alicante´s hidden treasure: Fondillón”, reviews the history and rarity of this product and also tastes 13 of these certified products.

The outstanding thing is that the guide grants for the first time in its history the maximum score for a wine, 20 points, for the “Fondillón Roberto Brotons 1964”, coming from the pinosera area of “El Culebrón”. The writer himself expresses his “vertigo” by giving this score, but recognizes the extraordinaryness of this winemaking and what it means to “taste a better pass of time” through this wine. He defines it as “complex, perfect and exciting.” Add to this wine “Fondillón 1970 ” with 18 points.

Together with them, the wines of Primitivo Quiles and the experience of knowing the Fondillón cava are reviewed. In this case, he gives 18 points to “Fondillón Solera 1948” and 17 points to another reference “Great Imperial 1892”.

Bodegas Monovar elevates it with 19 points to “Fondillón de 50 años” and to “Fondillón 1930”; and score 17.5 points for “Fondillón Solera 1996”.

In the case of Algueña, he first reviews his extraordinary monastrell sweet wine “Fondonet“, 16 points and to “Fondillón 1980” score 17 points. The “Fondillón Santa Catalina del Mañán 1982” obtains 18.5 points, the “Laudum Fondillón 1987“, another 18 points, “Treasure of Villena 1972“: 17.5 points and 16 points for “Alejandro Pérez Solera 1972”.

For the taster, these products are “one of the most unusual and strange wines on the planet” adducing the extraordinary fermentation power of the monastrell and that it is not fortified. It concludes – and even mentions, that without exaggeration – that it represents “the Spanish contribution to the world wine heritage” and therefore proposes even a special protection by UNESCO.