What is Winecanting?

What is Winecanting?

Many people have asked us this question and it isn’t always easy to give a short answer, because explaining a feeling and way of life is no easy task.

Winecanting is a concept based on Mediterranean culture and on creating special moments and experiences involving a glass of wine from the Alicante PDO.  Practising Winecanting is not just about enjoying a glass of wine, it’s about living life to the full, being happy and feeling optimistic. It’s about experiencing the Mediterranean in its deepest sense.

How Winecanting came about

Practica Winecanting

The practice of Winecanting was introduced by the Wines of Alicante PDO Regulatory Council 2 years ago; it was intended to publicise wine culture and connect with local consumers who were not used to drinking wine but very open to supporting culture and leisure events.

The 2012 Winecanting campaign included events where people could enjoy music, our good weather and try Alicante PDO wines: Alicante Winecanting Night, Winecanting Torrevieja, Winecanting Elche and the Winecanting Summer Festival.

We’ve also been busy getting a series of restaurants across the province involved in the Winecanting movement, especially ones that embody the Winecanting spirit and are enthusiastic about publicising local gastronomy. Their innovative and creative approach to locally sourced food, their excellent service and prices all reflects their determination to support the Wines of Alicante PDO.

Practising Winecanting


Practising Winecanting is not a dangerous or extreme sport and, if done in moderation, it’s not only healthy and restorative but also within everyone’s reach. Take a look at this advice from the great chef Quíque Dacosta.

Practising Winecanting in wineries


Another fantastic way of doing Winecanting is to visit local wineries. You’ll be able to get a far better understanding of the expression of the land, the power of the sun, the chalky and sandy soils of our terrain that give our wines their own distinctive character.

As you travel around the Marina Alta, the Vinalopó and the Comtat regions you’ll find vineyards next to castles, almond groves alongside wineries and the scent of thyme wafting through rows of ancient vines. You’ll also be able to smell gunpowder, vine shoots on the fire cooking a rice dish and the peaceful silence that reigns in the villages. Come and savour this all-round experience! In the Wine Tourism section we suggest a few routes.

Don’t settle for just seeing it, come and live it!