, new home to Alicante´s unique product, new home to Alicante´s unique product

The Alicante Wines Protected Designation of Origin have completely renewed their website for information on their most special product: Alicante Fondillón. Its domain now offers a complete vision of the product that covers its technical aspects, preparation or pairings.

Its 7 main menus offer from the technical information on the elaboration of the product, specific characteristics of the Monastrell grape for this wine, to the description of the barrels that make up one of the most valuable assets of the wineries; information about them and the wines they have on the market right now, and even an educational section with different online tastings that have been carried out, such as with the Master of Wine, Pedro Ballesteros.

The pairing section shows various products with which this unique wine can be combined and its possibilities have been expanded thanks to the recommendations made by the Alicante PDO Tasting Panel coordinated by its director, Luis Noguera of the Miguel Hernández University of Orihuela.

This section will also offer recipes such as the proposal made by the restaurant BomAmb in Jávea, with two Michelin stars, by Alberto Ferruz offering a “sea and mountains” dish by the hand of his sommelier Enrique Garcia Albeda who won the “Copa Jerez” award in 2019 with a Fondillón pairing.

The website will collect news, articles and other content that is generated around the product. You can visit the site in both Spanish and English and with a new, simpler and more evocative image of the product and its cavas.

The renewal of the website and the new documentary video of the product are part of the Regulatory Council´s mission to improve the information and image of this unique and special wine so that it may be discovered by wine lovers all over the world.