Parker blesses the 2020 vintage of Alicante DOP Wines

Parker blesses the 2020 vintage of Alicante DOP Wines

Wine Advocate, the American publication originally created by Robert Parker, has just published its biannual article on “the Mediterranean” which reviews the situation of some Alicante appellation wineries.

On this occasion, the article highlights the 2020 vintage, which it qualifies as “legendary” according to some of the wines the author has tasted and again confirms the “improvement in the quality of the area” or the “varietal diversity”. This vintage was also qualified by the CRDOP Alicante as “Excellent”.

Among those that have stood out the most is the Pepe Mendoza winery Casa Agrícola, to which most of the praise is dedicated along with excellent evaluations of its wines, one of which notably scores 97 points: “Fierroca 2020.” His “Veneno” scores an impressive 95 points, his “Giró de Abargues” scores 94 and the rest of his catalog scores over 91 points.

With a 96 point score, the article blesses another wine that has quickly managed to garner attention: “Fondillón Luis XIV, 50 years” from La Cañada´s Colección de Toneles Centenarios. Several 94 point references are named such as “Estrecho 2019” from Mendoza and “El Sequé 20” from the well-known winery in Pinoso.

Another winery that stands out in its ratings is Casa Balaguer with great scores in various wines, such as “Carro de la Mata 20”, “Benimaquía Tinajas”, “Salicornio” in its different vintages, “Tomatierra” and “Tragolargo”.

The article brings together an excellent assessment of the group of wineries. In addition to those mentioned, we must add references of the wineries Aída i Luis, Vins del Comtat, Les Freses, Finca Collado, Sierra Salinas, Volver or Bodegas Xaló. Also highlighted is the work of Oscar Mestre as “enthusiastic, focused and very young” and who the author sees with “big potential.”


97 Points

Fierroca 2020, Casa Agrícola

96 Points

Fondillón Luis XIV, 50 años, Colección de Toneles Centenarios

95 Points

El Veneno 2020, Casa Agrícola

94 Points

El Sequé 2020, Bodegas El Sequé

Giró de Abargues 2020, Casa Agrícola

Estrecho 2019, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

El Veneno 2019, Casa Agrícola

Giró de Abargues 2019, Casa Agrícola

93 Points

Nankurunaisa Rafa y Pepe 2021, Casa Agrícola Pequeñas Producciones

Pureza 2021, Casa Agrícola

Carro de la Mata 2020, Casa Balaguer Colección Origen

Macabeo Moscatel 2020, Casa Agrícola Pequeñas Producciones

El Sequé 2019, Bodegas El Sequé

Las Quebradas 2019, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

El Sequé Dulce 2017, Bodegas El Sequé

Moscatel Pasa Origen 2016, Casa Agrícola Pequeñas Producciones

92 Points

Fondillón Luis XIV Edad 25 años, Colección de Toneles Centenarios

Maboi 2020, Aida i Luis Vinyaters

Benimaquía Tinajas 2020, Casa Balaguer Colección Origen

Salicornio Moscatel 2020, Casa Balaguer

Monastrell – Alicante Bouschet – Giró 2020, Casa Agrícola

Santa Rosa 2019, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

1921 Monastell 2019, Vins del Comtat

Finca Xaconero 2018, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

91 Points

Salicornio Malvasía 2020, Casa Balaguer

Salicornio Moscatel 2021, Casa Balaguer

Tomatierra 2021, Casa Balaguer

Tragolargo 2021, Casa Balaguer

Paquita Mut 2021, Celler Les Freses

Luis XIV Ánforas 2021, Colección de Toneles Centenarios

Insurrecte 2021, Oscar Mestre

Moscatel – Macabeo – Airén 2021, Casa Agrícola

Ou Yea 2020, Aida i Luis Vinyaters

La Tremenda 2020, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

Bashara 2019, Aida i Luis Vinyaters

Las Fieras 2019, Aida i Luis Vinyaters

Tahúlla 2019, Aida i Luis Vinyaters

Messeguera, Finca Collado

Giró 2019, Oscar Mestre

90 Points

Tragolargo Moscatel – Malvasía 2020, Casa Balaguer

L´Horabona 2021, Celler Les Freses

La Casica del Abuelo 2020, Casa Balaguer

Mira Salinas 2019, Bodega Sierra Salinas

El Salze 2019, Vins del Comtat

Triga 2019, Bodegas Volver

Vi de Sal 2016, Finca Collado

El Vivero 2020, Casa Balaguer

Montcabrer 2019, Vins del Comtat

89-90 Points

Dolç 2021, Celler Les Freses

Xiulit 2021, Celler Les Freses

88-91 Points

La Tremenda 2021, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza