“Time is a luxury” a unique documentary about Fondillón Alicante

“Time is a luxury” a unique documentary about Fondillón Alicante

In a new documentary, the Alicante Wines Protected Designation of Origin gives us a close look into the delicate centuries-old tradition of the only non-fortified wine in the world that has a unique wine category recognized as such by the European Union. “Time is a luxury” is the name of the documentary that the DOP Alicante has produced to explain the elaboration and history of this one of a kind wine: Alicante Fondillón.

This is the first time that a documentary has been made spanning from the harvest to the tasting on this product, allowing the consumer and future experts to get to know the landscape and the scenery of this natural vintage wine.

The project made in both English and Spanish, displays all the elaboration phases in about 7 minutes and will be part of a project meant to improve the technical information of this product around the world.

“We wanted to convey the beauty of the process, the history and the elaboration of this product that is so native to our region,” says President Antonio M. Navarro Muñoz, about these historic wines that were awarded as “Best Wine in Spain” last year by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Fondillón is made only with Monastrell grapes, overripened on the vine and among its peculiarities is that the alcohol comes exclusively from the grape, so its fermentation is biological: it does not receive additives of any kind.

The documentary was filmed between the months of October, November and December in the certified wineries of this product. In addition, it has the collaboration of the international sommelier Enrique Garcia Albeda, from the BonAmb restaurant in Jávea (two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns) who explains notions of pairing, essential to understand how to taste this wine today.

The Spanish MW Pedro Ballesteros Torres recently did a master class/wine tasting with these wines, referring to them as  “memorable” and “emotional”.

The project has been carried out with FEADER aid from the European Union for 2020 as training of all kinds. In addition to releasing “Time is a luxury”, which can be viewed on all platforms of the Regulatory Council, they will be carrying out different actions to present the wines to the world.