When Carlos Rodríguez became known for following his dreams and for his drama studies, we wanted to give him his first role. Having Quique Dacosta as host, we invite him to have dinner with Lola Blasco and Juan Luis Mira, two of the main references of the theatre of Alicante, as well as of the national theatre. They chatted, toasted and improvised “Wine to go far”, a play created to be savoured sip by sip. Let the show begin.


Quique Dacosta: one does not become a three Michelin star chef simply improvising. Years ago, Quique began to revolutionize our cuisine. He returned to the roots, defended what is ours and came to be the image of our wines.  When we proposed him the idea of giving Carlos his first role, he did not think twice and came to prepare a dinner that Carlos will never forget.

For Carlos Rodríguez, the university entrance exam changed his life. He obtained the highest marks in the country and the press announced his decision to study drama. Nowadays he is in Madrid learning, training and getting ready to get very far. And he is telling everyone what he experienced that night sharing dinner and wines with Quique, Lola and Juan Luis in a theatre just for them.

A few years ago Lola Blasco undertook the same path that Carlos has just started. She left her home town, Alicante, to go to Madrid to study drama. And it seems she made the right choice. Today she is one of the leading figures of the Spanish drama, winner of the National Prize for Dramatic Literature, author and actress who always takes our land wherever she goes.

Juan Luis Mira embodies the past, present and future of the theatre in Alicante. Along with his company named Jácara and his plays, he has traveled the world thus becoming a great ambassador of the art and culture of Alicante. He is an expert in theatre for young people, and he did not hesitate for one second when we asked him to join us in this special dinner. We are convinced that Carlos took his advice to Madrid and undoubtedly he will make good use of them.

We have barely rehearsed to interpret this role of Vinos Alicante in this play, we admit that, but that is because we already know how to perform it. We are there, sitting at the table, in the background, creating conversations, laughter, toasts and silences while enjoying every sip. Some may think that it is a secondary role. But it does not matter. Being in the background is the best option, since we are the ones who create a good atmosphere and make everyone have a good time. And we are very proud of it.

The menu

When we asked Quique Dacosta to organize this meal, we wanted the menu to be special. We wanted it to be, in his own way, a tribute to our land: A three-course meal about our origins, passion and future. Quique took his kitchen to the theatre and, behind the scenes, he prepared a menu that left us all speechless.


1. ACT 1. THE ORIGIN. Almond nougat

2. ACT 2. THE PASSION. Guirra sheep rice

3. ACT 3. THE FUTURE. Rose, plum, cinnamon