Santa Catalina del Mañán, the fruits of success

Santa Catalina del Mañán, the fruits of success

On 24 April, medals were handed out to the award-winning wines at the Cofradía del Reino de Monastrell competition. The competition is mostly a tribute to Monastrell, one of the most popular grape varieties in the Mediterranean region, accounting for 75% of all varieties grown in the areas around Alicante.

Excellent results were obtained by wineries in the PDO Alicante region, with 7 medals being awarded to wines produced by Bocopa, Murviedro, MG Wines Group and Sta. Catalina del Mañán.

In this feature we want to highlight some of the wines from Bodegas Santa Catalina del Mañán that won awards at this and other competitions held in 2015:

Mañá 3 Meses 2013: Silver Medal at the Cofradía del Reino de Monastrell competition for this cask-aged wine with an intense and attractive violet red colour. An interesting coupage of Merlot (40%) and Monastrell (60%)

Mañá Syrah and Mañá Chardonnay: Best Rosé Wine and 3rd prize for Best White Wine at the Second Vinouvelle de Villena Young Wine Fair.

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Sta. Catalina del Mañán winery is in a borough of Monóvar and surrounded by vineyards that stretch over the length and breadth of the entire valley. It runs winery visits (guided tours only) for €3, or you can tour the facilities and taste some excellent wines for €5.

Visitors are guaranteed a warm welcome from Raquel Gago in the winery shop, which sells top quality products such as oil, nuts and a wide range of wines produced on site (like the Fondillón), as well as labels from other wineries in the local area.

The winery has attended several fairs and events over the last month or so, including Vinouvelle de Villena, the gastronomy fair at Callosa de Segura, and it is due to be at the Winecanting Summer Festival on 8 June at MARQ.

A winery imbued with both history and wonderful flavours.