Gran Mezquita de Oro for “Riu Rau” from Bodegas Xaló

Gran Mezquita de Oro for “Riu Rau” from Bodegas Xaló

The Muscat wine Riu Rau 2012 from Bodegas Xaló has been awarded a “Gran Mezquita de Oro” at the Mezquita Prizes event held in the Cordoba capital.

This is one of the most outstanding awards obtained by this wine, a previous winner of prizes such as “Premios Manojo”, “Premio de Els Bodeguers” and “Premios Diamante”. It has also been ranked highly in wine guides.

This Muscat wine is 100% aged for months and is especially distinctive for its excellent balance between acidity and sweetness, beautiful mahogany colour, brilliance and warm Mediterranean aromas. Its name is also a tribute to the traditionally built homes in the Marina Alta region, with low porches that make ideal places for drying grapes and for local people to spend some free time chatting.



The Mezquita Prizes event celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and always attracts a large number of all types of Spanish and Portuguese wines. The judging panel is chaired by Manuel López Alexandre, director of the Aula del Vino in Cordoba, and consists of around 35 renowned professionals.

Bodegas Xaló, based in the heart of the Pop Valley in the Marina Alta region, is one of the nerve centres for Muscat in Spain, and also one of the leading producers of wines from this varietal. Wines made here include dry white, liqueur Muscat, and older Crianza wines such as “Riu Rau” that are increasingly bringing greater versatility and depth to this typically Mediterranean variety.