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Vinos Alicante PDO organic wines

Vinos Alicante PDO organic wines

Awareness of organic food and drink is becoming increasingly widespread and consumers are now better informed than ever about certification, thanks to a number of political and marketing campaigns and events. Here in the world of wine we have already been working with this concept for a number of years and certifying products with a full range of guarantees.

But apart from this, Alicante is a privileged location for applying organic methods in local vineyards. Healthy soils and vines, warm weather, lack of constant rainfall and damp, plus the ease with which we can treat some varieties are a definite advantage for this type of product (despite being a hindrance for other issues). Proof of this is that organic wines are becoming more and more developed, making us proud to have a winery that holds the greatest number of certificates awarded by the Organic Agriculture Committee and that leads the way in the Community of Valencia and across Spain. The winery is La Bodega del Pinoso, where blazing sunshine, extreme but dry winters and the Monastrell grape variety have enabled the owners to develop this concept. And they have been doing this since 1997.



Comprehensive monitoring and control work is being carried out in the field and an excellent job is also being done by cooperative technical staff in monitoring and informing wine growers about not using pesticides or chemical fertilizers and employing the most natural methods possible. This is coupled with the fact that it is easier to produce wines with hardly any intervention from external factors (preservatives or chemical additives) in this area. Alicante is privileged in this sense, and in others too. We should also add that, although many companies are not certified by the CAE (the Organic Agriculture Committee), many of them barely use any chemicals at all, obtaining a product that is as natural and sustainable as it possibly can be, and with the greatest expression of its origin. We even have wineries that apply biodynamic techniques and the like, but that is a topic for another time.

Alongside Pinoso, the Cooperativa de la Algueña winery is one of the most strongly attracted by this concept. Their organic “Alhenia” red is ideal for desserts, as it is smooth with just a hint of sweetness. Or “EKO” by Murviedro, one of the winery’s latest launches, a wine made from a selection of certified organic vineyards, using our local Monastrell grape.

Santa Catalina del Mañán is also showing its commitment to nature and has managed to increase its hectare, making the Medio Vinalopó valley one of the most organic in our region. Their delicious Chardonnays and some of their reds share that great reputation.

Along with them, Bocopa has expanded organic cultivation in the area and now has several wines certified with the “Eco” name. You can also find a very interesting range of “Laudum” and “Castillo de Alicante“. As you can see, the work being done by cooperatives in this field has been vital for sustainable development in the area and for growers’ awareness. Their work spreads to new plots and wines every day.



In terms of private wineries, some remarkable work is being done by Bodegas Francisco Gómez in Villena, where all production is organic along with some biodynamic ideas they have put into practice. This technique is also being used in the olive groves and other crops in the impressive Hacienda La Serrata estate. A real treat for consumers able to experience the products for themselves.

vino ecologico francisco gomez

Organic wines continue to be on the rise and we hope others will follow in their footsteps. Although it is true to say that foreign countries, especially in Central Europe, place a higher value on these products and demand a more rigorous guarantee of origin and organic certification (a seal found on many products). There is a tendency to think that they are more expensive, but Vinos Alicante PDO wines are such good value for money that you’ll hardly notice the difference (if any at all…) and you’ll be able to concentrate on enjoying their quality and their all-round natural appeal.