Prunes with bone

Prunes with bone

Quique Dacosta is considered one of the most important chefs in the world, not only for its recognition with three Michelin stars, but for its constant innovation and creativity with cuisine from around the world while its link to its origin.

It is therefore one of the best ambassadors of Alicante cuisine from his restaurant in Denia – Marina Alta- or from his establishments in Valencia very well recognized internationally.

On the occasion of the International Monastrell Conference to be held in Alicante Auditorium on November 12, 2015, Dacosta -also godfather of 2011 Alicante Wines vintage- has created this exclusively recipe for all guests by using the most legendary wines Monastrell: Fondillón.

One of the blocks of the Congress also will discuss food and health and will feature other bright Alicante as Jose Maria Sanromán with Francisco Martinez and Rafael Garcia Pomares Francisco Santos.


The alginate bath:

Ingredients: 1L of mineral water, 7 g of alginate.

Process: Blend well with alginate water and leave in the refrigerator for 8 hours. The base of sweet wine:

Ingredients: 500 g of wine Fondillón, 150 g pitted prunes.

Process: vacuum packing the Fondillón and prunes. Bake in the Roner for 1 hour at 60 ° C. Invested in a water bath to cool. Open the bag and pour a firm feel.

Reserve the liquid on the one hand and plums on the other.

The basis of plums:

Ingredients: 457 g base of sweet wine (preparation above), 150 g of mineral water, 85 g of plums (previous step), 35 g of powdered sugar.

Process: Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Skip to blender and blend well and strain through a fine sieve. Reserve.

The spherical base of plum:

Ingredients: 600 g of base plums (previous step), 15 g of gluco, 1.5 g xanthan.

Process: Grind well and let stand in refrigerator.


Ingredients: plum spherical base and tender almonds.

Process: Fill a large spoon with the spherical base and put into each ball a whole almond. Place in the alginate bath for about 4 minutes, drain and rinse. Curing and drying the spherical Fondillón and almonds:

Ingredients: 1 kg of sugar and spherical.. Process: Place the sugar spherical and cover with more sugar. Leave for 3 hours. After that, pull out and remove the excess. Dehydrate at 50 in the dehydration of Teflon plastic for 1 hour in total (30 minutes per side). Remove and store tightly covered in the refrigerator. In addition:

Plums in syrup.

Finishing and presentation:

Crumple the spherical shaping of prunes. Arrange on a jar full of plums in syrup truth. They should be eaten in one bite. Almond inside give the impression that the plum has a bone, but eats and crispy